BODIES REVEALED lets visitors of all ages explore deep within the human body in a way that informs but doesn’t overwhelm.

Since the earliest efforts of ancient Egyptians to distinguish individual organs, humankind has been fascinated with uncovering the secrets of the human body. The study of human anatomy remains a cornerstone of medical education. BODIES REVEALED provides millions of visitors around the world with unprecedented access to anatomical detail historically only available to medical professionals.

The Exhibition offers an intimate and informative view into the human body. Using an innovative preservation process, the Exhibition allows visitors to see the human body's inner beauty in educational and awe-inspiring ways. Our Exhibitions have over 200 actual human bodies and specimens meticulously dissected and respectfully displayed, offering an unprecedented and wholly unique view into the amazing body.

Specimens in the Exhibition are prepared through a revolutionary process called polymer preservation, in which human tissue is permanently preserved using liquid silicone rubber. This process creates a specimen that will not decay, offering thousands of unique teaching possibilities for educators at all levels. Preparation time varies: a small organ may take only a week, while a full-body specimen may take up to a year to prepare. After quality preservation, specimens can last for decades.

Look deep inside the systems of the human body: Skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive, endocrine, and circulatory. Come and explore, experience, and celebrate the wonder of the human form at BODIES REVEALED.

Please note that the following are prohibited in the exhibition.
These rules are in place to protect the exhibits and ensure the comfort and safety of all visitors.

• Prams or pushchairs (we can supply you with a baby sling free of charge)
• Large bags or backpacks (standard-size ladies handbags are allowed)
• Use of mobile phones or any other electronic devices
• Photography of ANY kind, including with mobile phones
• Video of ANY kind
• Food or Beverages,
• Smoking
• Animals (except for guide dogs)
• Easels (though sketching is permitted if the sketchpad is handheld)
• Portable chairs

Times and Location

BODIES REVEALED is located on Paradise Street, at the corner of Paradise Place and Manesty’s Lane within Liverpool ONE

Duration: Saturday 1st September to Wednesday 2nd January.

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday – 10am to 8pm (Last entrance to exhibition at 7pm)

Chistmas Day – Closed
Boxing Day – Open as normal
New Years Eve – Open as normal
New Years Day – Open as normal
2nd January – Open as normal

Address: 43 Paradise Street, Liverpool ONE, Liverpool, L1 3EU

Ticket Prices

Price List

For school visits, or group bookings of 10+ please contact us.

Audio guides are available for purchase from the Box Office, at a cost of £2.50 per unit.
Audio guides are available in Adult and Child versions. Also available in English, French and Spanish.

How to find us:

By Car

The exhibition is being held in Liverpool ONE, which is right in the heart of the City Centre. If you’re coming by car, driving to Liverpool ONE is easy and you can get here quickly via the M53, M57, M58 and M62. Simply follow the signs to the City Centre and the Albert Dock. If you plan to use satellite navigation or a route planner, please see the below postcodes for the Liverpool ONE car parks.

There is plenty of parking at Liverpool ONE, with 3,000 spaces spread across three sites which are operated by Q-Park.

Q-Park’s three City Centre car parks are open 24 hours, and can be found at the following locations.

Liverpool ONE L1 8LT (underneath Chavasse Park, accessed from Strand Street)
John Lewis L1 8DH (Liver Street)
Hanover Street L1 4AF (off Hanover Street)

By public transport

Liverpool ONE is easily accessible by Bus, Train or Mersey Ferry. The nearest bus interchanges are the Liverpool ONE Bus Station and Queen Square Bus Station, all main bus routes stop here.

The nearest train stations are James Street, Moorfields and Central for local and Wirral lines, and for national lines, Lime Street Station is within walking distance.

Love Liverpool Central - Station Refurbishment

Liverpool Central will be closed to passengers from 23rd April 2012 as it begins a refurbishment programme to introduce new escalators, more platform space and improved access and facilities. The Wirral line platform will re-open on 25th August 2012 and the Northern Line platforms will re-open on 22nd October.

While these changes are taking place, you can access Liverpool ONE from James Street Station or Moorfields Station located on Dale Street.


For live travel information and door to door journey planning by phone please call Traveline on 0871 200 2233


We welcome visits from schools and community/educational groups.

BODIES REVEALED provides an educational and stimulating insight into the workings of the human body. The exhibition is also designed to promote healthier living choices and demonstrates the effects that disease and unhealthy lifestyles have on the body.

Anyone interested in anatomy, physiology, biology and other sciences will learn from BODIES REVEALED and it is also relevant for teachers and students of literacy, anatomical drawing, and art history.

Teacher's Guides

Each Teacher’s Guide is divided into two sections. The first part focuses on student learning with experiential classroom activities. The second section acts as a useful road map for your group to follow when visiting the exhibition and contains more detailed information on the exhibits.

The BODIES REVEALED Teacher’ Guides have won several awards in the USA including:

  • Aegis Video & Film Production Award 2009 Training/Education for “The Field Trip”
  • Association for Educational Publishers 2008 Distinguished Achievement Award
  • American Association for Health Education 2008 Distinguished Service to
  • Health Education Award

Request a Teacher's Guide

You can order a FREE teacher's guide by completing this form. The guide will be emailed to you in the form of a pdf link. Please note that requesting a Teacher's Guide does not constitute a booking.

The Company

Premier Exhibitions, Inc is a major provider of museum-quality exhibitions throughout the world. Premier Exhibitions Inc. is a recognised leader in developing and displaying unique exhibitions for education and entertainment. The Company’s exhibitions present unique opportunities to experience compelling stories using authentic objects and artefacts in diverse environments.

Dr Roy Glover

Dr. Glover earned his Master of Science and Doctorate in Anatomy from The Ohio State University in 1965 and 1968, respectively. He joined the Anatomy faculty of the University of Michigan Medical School in 1968 and was promoted through the professional ranks until he retired in 2004. In 1989 he developed the University of Michigan’s Polymer Preservation Laboratory, one of the largest laboratories of its
kind in North America, and one of the only labs in the world capable of providing whole dissected polymer preserved bodies for medical study and research. The University of Michigan’s Polymer Preservation Laboratory has been vital in providing human anatomical specimens to support the educational efforts of medical schools, dental schools, health education agencies, biotechnology companies, museums,
colleges, high schools and secondary schools. The availability of these specimens allows doctors, patients and students around the world to study and understand the human body.

Dr. Glover is the recipient of numerous research and teaching awards, including:

  • 1991, The O'Conner Research Award, The Arthroscopy Association of North America
  • 1990, National Neuroscience Excellence in Teaching Award, The New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry
  • 1985, The AMOCO Foundation Teaching Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Instruction, The University of Michigan
  • 1983, The Kaiser Permanente Teaching Award for Excellence in Basic Science Instruction, The University of Michigan Medical School
  • Dr. Glover was also awarded a U.S. Patent for the design and development of a

Multiple Substructure Anatomical Brain model, a model that is being used in more than 100 medical schools in the United States and overseas. He retired from the University of Michigan on June 30, 2004, to join Premier Exhibitions where he presently serves as Chief Medical Director for BODIES REVEALED.

S2BN is a New York based company specialising in the acquisition, development and production of high calibre touring exhibitions and events, and multimedia products.


How long does it take to dissect and permanently preserve each specimen?

The timing varies. A small organ can take one week to prepare, whereas the process can take up to one year to prepare a whole body.

What health issues are highlighted in the Exhibition?

BODIES REVEALED allows people to learn about their own bodies and, ultimately, teaches them how to take better care of their health and make positive lifestyle choices. The Exhibition enables them to see and understand the medical conditions friends and family members face in a whole new way – by highlighting pressing health concerns, including obesity, breast cancer, colon cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, ectopic pregnancy, arthritis, osteoporosis and bone fractures. The Exhibition also highlights damage done to organs due to the perils of smoking and dietary excesses.

What part of the anatomy is the hardest to preserve?

The brain is the most difficult organ to preserve due to the makeup of the brain, which is primarily composed of lipids (fat) and water. During the process of polymer preservation, the brain can shrink significantly during dehydration if one is not careful. To manage this problem, the brain is dehydrated in a cold acetone thus better maintaining its original size and shape.

What do the polymer preserved bodies feel like?

The specimens feel dry to the touch and can be either rigid or flexible, depending on the mix of chemicals used. While guests will be able to get very close to the specimens, as a rule, guests are not allowed to touch them.

Why use real human specimens instead of constructed models?

As Dr. Roy Glover, chief medical director for BODIES REVEALED states, "Seeing promotes understanding, and understanding promotes the most practical kind of body education possible. The body doesn't lie!" Unlike models that idealize the body through the eyes of an artist, the specimens in this Exhibition will show the body and its parts as they really exist. Idealized models have been used for many years to teach about the body. They do not, however, allow for any variation in structure or pathologies – which is key in noting how unique our bodies are. As medical students and individuals have less time for the study of anatomy, it is even more important to have these unique specimens to give them both a greater understanding of anatomy and some sense of the variation of the human organism.

How long do the bodies last after polymer preservation?

The earliest specimens made in the late 1970s are still being used in medical schools around the world. They last indefinitely, just as if they were made entirely of the most indestructible material.

Why are separate body parts or organs displayed?

Our medical director has been able to identify obvious medical problems affecting particular individual organs and body parts that are separately on display in a number of cases throughout the Exhibition, and these are indicated where appropriate. For example, a lung is displayed and the disease is identified as emphysema, so those who see it can gain a clearer understanding of this disease.

What is the appropriate age level for viewing the exhibition?

The teaching of basic human anatomy and physiology are hallmarks in any child's education. We recommend that children attend the Exhibition with a teacher or parent as an adult guide. We feel strongly that the Exhibition can offer a rare family experience: A golden opportunity to open a child's eyes – and, in a way no textbook ever could, to teach them about the complexities of the human body and the necessity of proper nutrition, regular activity and the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, such as avoiding smoking and alcohol. The Exhibition will have a special children's audio tour available, as well as four age-specific teacher's guides<


Please contact us with any enquiries via the form below or call us on 0151 232 2366 (Mon-Sun 9am-8pm) or 0844 8000 410 (9am-9pm Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm Sun & Bank Holidays)

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